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Challenges faced by getting IPL in UAE

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to hold the remaining 31 matches of the IPL in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in September October but it will face many major challenges in the event. The BCCI and franchisee teams want to complete the IPL but do other boards also hold the same sentiment. Will they allow their players to participate in the league while the World Cup stands in front of them and there are some bilateral series (including six countries) to be held.
The first dilemma in the path of the IPL is India’s five-match Test series in England which will begin on August 4 and end on September 14. In such a situation, it is not possible for the BCCI to start the IPL at the beginning of September. England’s players will not be available in the IPL, as England have to travel to Bangladesh after about a week of the Test series against India and then play the white ball series against Pakistan at their home, which will run till the middle of October. are supposed to. Due to this the non-availability of England players is a matter of concern to many franchises.

The other major challenge is the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), which on Friday announced the players’ draft, reiterating that the 2021 edition would be held from 28 August to 19 September. Many top Caribbean players and many other foreign players and coaching staff are included in CPL. In view of this, BCCI has started negotiations with CPL and urged them to change their schedules so that the players can be moved to the bio-bubble in the UAE from St. Kitts, the venue of the CPL, although this for BCCI Will not be an easy task.
The availability of foreign players is the biggest concern for BCCI bosses and they have to convince other cricket boards to release their players for IPL.

Cricbuzz tried to contact the boards of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies but only one board responded. The West Indies board said, “We want to talk to the BCCI to know when their first match will be played and what protocols will be in place for our CPL players, staff and commentators after landing in the UAE as they go into KAPL’s venue St. Kitts Bio. Will travel through the bubble. We also want to know on which date the finals will take place as we have to host the tri-series with Afghanistan and Australia. But it is believed that the West Indian players (played nine players in the first phase) will be released.

Apart from this, there is also the question of cost of expenditure. Which can be double or triple. Bringing foreign players in and leaving back will double. Foreign players have come and gone before. Bringing them back to business class and then leaving them will double the expenses. Apart from this, the cost of charter flights for Indians, CPL and others who will be included in the bilateral series and will be brought by special flights to ensure bio bubble to bio bubble transfer.

If the cost of travel is double then the cost of living will be three times. The BCCI had adjusted the cost of hotels in India, but whether he would be able to do so in Dubai is a big question.