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Sanat Jayasuriya started getting up from bed

Former Sri Lankan cricket team cricketer and explosive opener Sanat Jayasuriya had caught bed due to some serious ailments in his waist and legs, if he had to walk a bit, he used to resort to Baisakhi. Jayasuriya underwent an operation not only in Australia (Melbourne) but was also admitted to Navalok Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. But they did not get relief from anywhere.
Seeing this condition of Jayasuriya, former captain of Indian cricket team Mohammad Azharuddin advised Dr. Prakash Tata, who has been treated with Ayurveda herbs, to get treatment once. Jayasuriya, who advised Azharuddin, came to Mumbai and went to Dr. Tata’s residence and informed him of his illness, after which Dr. Tata tested him and assured him of his cure.
Dr. Tata was well aware that Jayasuriya had undergone treatment in Australia and Sri Lanka to get rid of this disease. But they have not been relieved.

Jayasuriya was sent back to Sri Lanka and accompanied by Vaidyaraj Makhan Vishwakarma in the jungles of Patalkot. Went into the dense forests of Patlakot and spent a week looking for herbs and bringing herbs from there to Niwas and making medicines in Chhindwara.
The valley of Patalakot, 78 km from Chhindwara, is full of various herbs. It has a repository of many known and unknown rare herbs with medicinal properties.

The surface of the valley of Patalkot spread over 89 square kilometers is at a depth of 1700 feet. Complications of this place can be gauged from the fact that the rays of the sun reach here in the afternoon. The Gond and Bharia tribes reside in this Vihangam valley. The tribes here are also known for their treatment of incurable diseases through their unique type of herbs.
So, after collecting the essential herbs medicines from this valley, Dr. Prakash Tata colleague left for Sri Lanka with Tarun Tiwari, President of Jai Ho Foundation. And after reaching Sri Lanka, started the treatment of Jayasuriya and took just 72 hours and put Jayasuriya on his feet. Chhindwara did the work which Melbourne Melbourne could not do.