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Uttar Pradesh / Saharanpur : Haryana’s mining mafia sieves Yamuna

Haryana has a direct connection to illegal mining and sandhebans of Chilkana

By carrying out the work contrary to the government rules, the mining mafia has created chaos on some other ghats including Sondhebans in Chilkana area. Mafia is threatening the environment by sieveing the womb of Yamuna with JCB machines. The mining and transportation of sand, gravel, stone and corsant on a large scale is being carried out in the state of Haryana without paper instead of UP. Its complaint has reached the District Magistrate to the Khan Officer. The police is that assuming it to be the work of another department, it is sitting on its hands. Chilkana and Sarsawa have taken the place of the once infamous Behat and Mirzapur regarding illegal mining, at present, illegal mining and transportation is done on a large scale, it has also been revealed in the past that the mining mafia is sifting the womb of Yamuna here.

Permission has been given to remove sand from the field in Alhanpur.
Rajendra Kumar, a poor farmer in Sondhebans, has been given permission to extract 69700 cubic meters of sand and boulders from 3.486 hectares of land at a depth of 2 meters by June 30, 2021, at Rs.220 per cubic meter. The poor farmer has taken permission by depositing Rs 1.53 crore in cash. If sources are to be believed, the border of Haryana state is very close to Sondhebans. From here all the goods are being transported to the state of Haryana without paper. Since goods cannot go to Haryana on valid form, so if 100 trucks are sent from there to Haryana, then only 25 trucks of U.P. The name of the crusher is being made, in this game, both mining mafia and crusher owner have the advantage. If mining mafia is digging a lot more than the prescribed quantity, then the stock of crusher owner is increasing, in this case, the District Magistrate Ashish Kumar was talked to. He told that such complaints are being received but the search is on for the right location, if this complaint is proved right, then action will be taken against the farm owner as well as the mining mafia and crusher owner. Happening
On the other hand, under the guise of agricultural lease under the guise of agricultural lease in Chilkana’s Saundhebans, a former head of another village is doing illegal mining and illegal transportation from UP to Haryana in connivance with the mining mafia. These mining mafia have been involved in illegal mining for a long time. Indulging in this black business and doing mining work in association with the mining mafia of Haryana. It has been learned from the sources that this mining mafia has been cutting rawhne from the mining leases of Aalhanpur and Saundhebans in the name of Bhagwati stone crusher of UP. Supplies to other stone crushers of Haryana including Yamuna Stone Crusher of Haryana. A person named Karna is its right hand, who handles the mining business of the accused mining mafia in Haryana. Many cases are registered against this mafia in Saharanpur for illegal mining, out of which in many cases, the government has also been fined. Not only this, once against this mafia, the Saharanpur police did a gang. He had also prepared for Gester but due to his influence and on the strength of money, it escaped. If the mining leases, stocks and CCTV cameras installed there of Bhagwati Crusher are checked, then a huge fraud will come to the fore in which crores of revenue The government is incurring loss.

State-of-the-art check gates will start functioning from June 15: Ashish
District Magistrate Akhilesh Singh has been engaged to stop illegal mining and its transportation. He is getting state-of-the-art check gates installed at Shahjahanpur border of Haryana state and Biharigarh border of Uttarakhand state. In this regard, Mines Officer Ashish Kumar said that both these gates will start functioning from June 15, after which all the mining vehicles coming from both the routes will be accounted for in the check gate. The vehicle on which the gate has expressed doubts will be easily caught and checked.