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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : Necessary to live, safe distance between two

While tireless efforts are being made by the government and administration to successfully deal with the global pandemic COVID-19, people are being made aware from time to time about the prevention of this epidemic through various media.
In this episode, through the publicity vehicle of Information and Public Relations Department, people were made aware through audio message and sound dissemination service at various places of Solan city today.
People were told that human life is precious and only by being healthy one can contribute in the development and building of his family, society and nation. People were urged to follow the rules with positive thinking. The message was given to the people that ‘necessary to live, safe distance between two’ is extremely important.

People were apprised that in the interest of the people, the State Government is gradually providing necessary relaxations in the time of Corona Curfew. Its purpose is to promote various economic activities and provide assistance to the people. But these efforts of the state government and district administration can be successful only when we take a pledge to wear masks in public places, maintain a safe distance between 02 people and clean our hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. People were urged to follow these rules so that the crisis of COVID-19 can be defeated.
In Solan city’s Old Bus Stand, Regional Hospital Solan, Kotlanala, Shamti and Ochhaghat areas adjoining the city, people were motivated to comply with the COVID-19 rules. People were informed through a message that the threat of corona virus still remains. To prevent this, some guidelines have been set by the state government and district administration. People were told that following these guidelines is very effective in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic.

People were told not to hide symptoms like COVID-19 disease and in such a situation, seek medical advice immediately. People were urged to get their Kovid test done without any hesitation if they have symptoms like cough, fever and cold.
People were informed that vaccination is necessary to protect against Kovid-19. Register yourself on the Kovid portal for vaccination. On the Kovid portal, for Monday’s vaccination on Saturday and for Thursday’s vaccination, the Tuesday will have to register between 2.30 am to 3.00 pm.