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Tushar Kapoor will never marry

Tushar Kapoor is the father of a son. He is enjoying parenthood with son. Tusshar is not married yet and he has no plans for marriage in future as well. Tushar says that he does not want to share himself with anyone.
Actually, in an interview, Tushar was asked if he is planning a wedding, he said, ‘No because if I had such a plan, I would not have become a single parent. Every day I keep doing something or the other with my son. Apart from this, I cannot choose any other option. I cannot share myself with anyone else and will never do so in the future. So just if the end is correct then everything is correct.
At the same time, Tushar had once told that Prakash Jha had suggested him to become a father through surrogacy. Tusshar had said, ‘A mother changes diapers, feeds the children, people think that parenting is just that. Actually parenting means a lot. It starts with love which is unconditional, grow them up and support them always.

Tushar had further said, ‘A father has a different way of expressing his feelings. He can be less protective because of his different parenting style. The approach may be different, but the feelings and love are the same as that of a mother.

Tushar also told during this that what are the advantages and disadvantages of being in the industry. To this, he said, “The best part of my journey is to work on the sets, watch myself on the monitor, play a character in a film and do promotions, go to the gym and do work-related things.

At the same time, the bad thing is that working in rain and night. Tusshar also said that he does not like getting ready to go to award shows.