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Himachal Pradesh / Parwanoo : Fish dead in suspicious condition in Parwanoo pond

Sensation spread in the city on Saturday morning after the news of hundreds of fish dead in suspicious condition in the pond located in Sector-1 of Parwanoo.

According to the information, through the telephone, the city council president Nisha Sharma and animal and bird society president Satish Beri were informed about the death of the fish. As soon as the information was received, the city council president and Satish Beri reached the spot where they informed the police and pollution department. After reaching the spot, Satish Beri got the water tankers put four tankers in view of the condition of the fishes.

Referring to the ongoing dispute between the NAP and the local leader over the pond, he said that it could be someone’s mischief as it has never happened in the last 25 years. NAP President Nisha Sharma also expressed grief and said that this is a condemnable act and if there is any mischief behind it, then he will not be spared, we will go to the end of the matter, although the team of pollution department present on the spot investigated the water. In which the lack of oxygen in the water has been revealed in the initial investigation, but for what reason this deficiency is due, a water sample has been taken for which the report of the investigation will take time.

Nisha also took the help of the fire department to rescue the fish, who took out the water with the help of a motor and released it again in the pond so that the oxygen level could increase. Nisha also asked for two water tankers and sent the fish samples to the veterinary hospital for postmortem.

Satish Beri said that this incident is shocking, on the day of Environment Day, this incident exposes our environment and people’s misbehavior towards the environment. He said that I myself will get this matter fully investigated and if someone’s mischief is found behind this accident, then strict action will be taken against him.