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Uttarakhand / Roorkee : Lawyers warn of agitation after 7 June

The two associations of lawyers in Luksar held a joint meeting on Saturday. In the meeting, he demanded immediate withdrawal of the case filed by the Kotwali police against the son of the former president of the bar as fake. Also warned that if the case is not returned, they will be forced to agitate. On May 31, the Kotwali police arrested Abhishek, the son of the former president of the Luxor Advocates Association, for indecency with the police and arrested him. Later, he was released on bail from Kotwali at twelve o’clock in the night after the lawyers created a ruckus. Regarding this, the association has been on boycott work since June 1. Later, the Second Civil Bar of Luxor also started boycotting work by supporting him. On Saturday, the Association and the Civil Bar held a joint meeting and considered it. He said that on May 31, the police was challaning Abhishek for the second time within half an hour. Abhishek objected to this. Irritated by the police, a fake case has been established. He also has video footage of it. He demanded that the police immediately return the case registered against Abhishek with a final report. Warned that if the case is not returned by June 7, then lawyers from all over Uttarakhand will take to the streets and oppose the police. Kushalpal Singh, Anoop Singh Pundir, Sahdeep Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Rajkumar, Johar Singh, Aditya Prakash, Vinod Sharma, Anil Singhal, Harish Rana, Dipankar Kaushik, Sanjay Verma, Mohammad Nahid Khan, Pankaj Gupta, Pradeep Dhiman, Ravindra Kumar attended the meeting. , Sushil Kumar, Jodh Singh, Sher Singh, Rajveer Singh, Manoj Saini, Arvind Kumar, Avtar Singh, Anand Upadhyay, Rajendra Singh etc. advocates were present.