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Supreme Court got angry with the government

The Supreme Court has expressed displeasure with the government for changing the decision given regarding the appointment in tribunals. The apex court said that when the Supreme Court gives its verdict, it becomes the law of the land. But the government repeals them and brings a new law. The court had fixed the age of 50 for making appointments to the tribunals and ruled about a fixed tenure. But the government changed this and made a different arrangement from the decision in the new law.

The court said whether the government is not setting aside the decisions by bringing in laws and through them. Is this action of the government right? However, on behalf of the government, the Attorney General said that Parliament has to respect the will of the people. The court can pass any number of decisions. But Parliament can always say that we will not accept it because it is not in the interest of the people. Parliament has the right to make arrangements on the decision of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court had ordered the formation of the National Tribunal Commission in November 2020. In this, it was asked to make provision for the appointment of members for five years and after that they are reappointed. But the government made a law and made it four years. The court is hearing the petition filed in this matter.