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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : plaza near Nepali Farm Tirahe will no longer be built on Haridwar-Dehradun National Highway

The proposed toll plaza near Nepali Farm Tirahe on Haridwar-Dehradun National Highway will no longer be built. Speaker Premchand Agrawal gave this information in a press conference.

The Speaker said that no toll plaza will be set up on the Nepali farm of Haridwar-Dehradun highway. He has called upon all the political, social organizations and the main organization sitting on fast against the toll plaza to end the dharna.

He said that on May 24, as soon as the matter of setting up a toll plaza at Nepali Farm Tirahe came to his notice, he had objected to it. For this, on May 25, after talking to the Chief Minister, then the Union Education Minister and the Secretary of the Public Works Department and the officials of NHAI, it was talked about resolving the matter.

The Speaker said that after talking to the Chief Minister, it has been decided that no toll plaza will be set up near Nepali Farm Tirahe. He said that being on a constitutional post, he could not go to the protest site, but he was concerned about the people of the area. He has called upon all the organizations, political representatives and others sitting on the dharna at the Nepali Farm Tirahe to end the dharna and now serve the public united in a severe epidemic like Corona.

Expressed happiness over cancellation of toll plaza from Nepali Farm

Uttarakhand Congress Vice President Dhirendra Pratap has welcomed the government’s decision to cancel the toll plaza from Nepali Farm. Describing it as a victory of Congress, he has said that for this there was a continuous sit-in demonstration by the Congress leaders. Dhirendra Pratap said that from day one, top Congress leaders Shoorveer Singh Sajwan, Jayendra Ramola, Rajepal Kharola, Mahant Vinay Saraswat and many other workers took to the streets in protest against the toll plaza. After this, State Congress President Pritam Singh himself, General Secretary Organization Vijay Saraswat went to the protest site and did a satyagraha.