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CoviShield is better than Covaxin in defeating Corona

The first dose is 81 percent effective against the virus

Vaccination is going on in the country to overcome the corona, but after getting the vaccine, many questions may be arising in your mind like whether the vaccine we have taken works or not, or which vaccine is more effective. ? Which vaccine will eliminate the risk of corona infection? Which vaccine has the least side effects? Which vaccine causes more and more antibodies to be made faster? Many such questions must be arising in your mind. Meanwhile, after a recent research, it has been said in a study that CoviShield, made in Serum Institute in association with Oxford-AstraZeneca, produces more antibodies than India’s indigenous Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin, that is, CoviShield to defeat Corona. proved to be better. Well, Covaxin is also good, but CoviShield is more effective.
In the figures that came out earlier, it was said that the first dose of CoviShield is 70 percent effective against the corona virus. But according to the data that came out after the third phase of the trial, this vaccine is 81 percent effective.

According to a preliminary study conducted by the Corona virus Vaccine-Induced Antibody Titre, people who took the first dose of the vaccine had more antibodies than those who took the CoviShield vaccine.

The research said that 515 health workers, including 305 men and 210 women, were given both the vaccines. 425 people have been given the CoviShield vaccine while 90 people have been given the CoviShield vaccine. After giving both doses of the vaccine, more antibodies were found in 95 percent of the people. Antibodies were found in 98.1 percent of the 425 people who got Kovashield and 80 percent of those who got the vaccine.

The study states that the response to both the CoviShield and Covaxin vaccines is good. But the seropositivity rate and anti-spike antibody are high in CoviShield. The 456 healthcare workers surveyed were given the first dose of CoviShield and 96 were given the first dose of Covaxin and the overall seropositivity rate after the first dose was 79.3 percent.