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Government issued new guidelines for the treatment of corona

Many drugs including ivermectin were discontinued

There is a steady decline in the cases of corona in the country. In May, where around 4 lakh new cases were coming daily, now this number has come down to around one lakh. In such a situation, the Union Health Ministry has issued revised guidelines for the treatment of corona. Under this, many drugs including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, doxycycline have been removed except antipyretic and antitussive. According to the new guidelines issued by the central government, patients who do not show symptoms of corona infection or have mild symptoms, they do not need to take any kind of medicines. However, the medicines for other diseases which are going on should be continued. Such patients should take tele-consultation (treatment through video). A good diet should be taken. Also, necessary rules like mask, social distancing should be followed.
When can I take which medicine?
In mild cases, self-monitoring of fever, breathlessness, oxygen level or any symptoms have been advised. According to the new government guidelines, people can take antipyretic and antitussive drugs if they show symptoms of corona, while for cough, budesonide can be taken at 800 Mcg twice a day for 5 days. Apart from all this, no other medicine is needed. If symptoms persist or worsen, the patient should be examined immediately.

Do not get CT scan done if not necessary

the new guidelines of the government, doctors have been asked not to even advise the patient to undergo CT scan if it is not necessary. It is known that in many reports it has been told that the radiation emitted from CT scan machine is very harmful, which increases the risk of cancer. At the same time, emphasizing on the importance of following masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing, patients have been advised to have a healthy and balanced diet along with body hydration. Along with this, patients and their families have also been asked to stay connected and have positive conversations through phone, video-call etc.