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Why are scientists around the world searching for life on Mars, Venus, leaving the earth surrounded by disasters?

US and China rovers are searching for life on Mars. India’s Mangalyaan, built by ISRO, is also revolving around the orbit of Mars. ISRO is also thinking of sending a Shukrayan to Venus. but why? What is India, every country has its own problems. Somewhere there is more violence, somewhere there is poverty. And at this time no corner of the world is left untouched by Corona. In such a situation, what is the use of finding life on other planets instead of focusing so much resources, budget, technology and human resources on Earth? On World Environment Day, Navbharat Times Online has tried to find answers to these questions.

Earth was once as icy as Mars

Dr. Ram Karan Sharma, a scientist in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, who has been doing research on pollution-related issues for 15 years, says that our earth was not always the way it is today. There was a time when there was no sign of life here. When we look at our companions like Mars or Venus, we can think of them as a mirror of both our past and future. Going back 4.6 billion years, everyone will see the same history. All were born of the same gas and dust and began to revolve around the same sun. The difference arose here that after climate tragedies, only water remained near the earth and all the rest remained deserted. Venus began to boil and Mars began to freeze.

There was a time when the Earth was probably as icy as Mars in the Ice Age, and if we did not improve in time, would we ever know that greenhouse gases would heat us up like Venus. In this way, by learning about the conditions of other planets, their history, their atmospheres, their chemistry under the ground, we can understand the future of our own atmosphere, environment and climate. After all, the same principles of physics govern all these planets. The data from these planets has told us that the persistence of climate is by no means taken lightly. Do we know that we too have to face some unseen danger roaming in space.

No wasteful expenditure, investment in future

If the growing population can be divided, then the weight of the earth will be less and hence exploring the possibility of life on other planets may be a long-term need. Dr. Ram Karan also warns that along with the search for life on other planets, we will have to rapidly not only save the endangered biodiversity, but also change our mindset, due to which we are facing this problem today. are passing through a time of crisis. Due to changes in the food-chain, the balance of the ecosystem deteriorates rapidly and humans do not take it seriously. Therefore, it becomes necessary to explore other options. Not only this, to avoid a catastrophic event like asteroid falling, we also have to keep an eye on space so that we can be warned of the impending danger.

Dr. Ram Karan says that today even though space exploration may seem like a wasteful expense to us, the biggest problems can be solved only by keeping in mind the results at a later time. The betterment of the society comes from hard work, research, development and its fruits are understood after years, decades and generations. Dr. Gaurav believes that the search for life on other planets is necessary, but it depends on the economy and infrastructure of a country, how much it invests in it. Of course, along with the search for life, it is very important to preserve the life that is there now.