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Pooja Bisht opens up about her role in “Flawed”

Actress Pooja Bisht has opened up about her role in the upcoming web-series Flawed. Pooja said, I am playing the character of Saumya. She is a strong, independent girl in everyone’s eyes, but at the same time she tolerates the absence of her father for another woman, leaving her with her younger sister and mother. The responsibility rests on Pooja’s shoulders.

She said, just the thought of love bothered her and because of this she is unable to have a healthy relationship with anyone and she does not want to open herself up to anyone. Yet she wants a small part of her father’s in her life as she is tired of the responsibilities. An inner search of broken people like himself leads him from time to time to the greater unknown.

The series also stars Rajneesh Duggal, Sumit Manak, Ashok Pathak and Samrat Kapoor. It is directed by Dheeraj Singh Padiyar.