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Uttarakhand COVID Updates : A sudden double jump after the decreasing figures

If the result of getting exemption somewhere, the infection does not increase

For the last few days, there was a decrease in the cases of corona infection due to which a wave of relief was being seen not only in the state government but also among the general public. A total of 246 cases came to light in Uttarakhand on Friday, but today on Saturday, these cases almost doubled.

According to the information received from the Health Department, where these cases were 287 on Friday and 21 people died, the number of newly infected patients has reached 463, according to the health bulletin issued exactly 24 hours later on Saturday at 5:30 There has definitely been a decrease of two patients in the death toll.

It is believed that due to the relaxation being given in the lockdown for the last few days, these cases may increase suddenly.
Looking at the figures or it should be understood that the danger is not over yet and the relaxation being given during the lockdown does not mean that unnecessarily moving out. The state government should also do a little more power in the public order because the increase of more than 200 cases in a single day can be an alarm bell in the coming time.