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Bengaluru Unlock:BBMP Chief Commissioner appeals to people to be vigilant against the virus

As Bengaluru gears up for the unlock process,BBMP Chief Commissioner,Gaurav Gupta cautioned citizens on Monday that they need to be vigilant in the coming months.

He said that the ability of the public to stay focussed and disciplined will determine the success of the fight against the pandemic.

He was speaking at a virtual meeting on increasing Covid testing.

Gupta said that BBMP is intensifying Covid testing and step up containment and isolation measures.The fight against Covid-19 is a long one and everyone must embrace a safe lifestyle and get vaccinated,he said.

With lockdown restrictions in the city,many activities are being allowed now.With daily wage labourers returning to the city,tests should be conducted in railway stations,bus stands,check posts and toll booths on the outskirts,he said.

Tests should also be carried out in hostels, paying guest accommodations,factories and construction sites,he further said,adding that RWAs must be instructed to conduct tests on those coming from outside.

Over 40 lakh vaccinated in Bengaluru so far: BBMP:

According to the BBMP Chief Commissioner,so far 40,39,744 people have been vaccinated in Bengaluru.

People above 44 must be contacted through the helpline number (1912) and informed to get the second dose of vaccine.A door-to-door survey should be conducted and people should be encouraged to get vaccinated,he said.×250&×300%2C0x0%2C333x250%2C333x250&nras=4&correlator=5531433819942&frm=20&pv=1&ga_vid=120284331.1623749303&ga_sid=1623749303&ga_hid=664407436&ga_fc=0&u_tz=330&u_his=1&u_java=0&u_h=640&u_w=360&u_ah=640&u_aw=360&u_cd=24&u_nplug=0&u_nmime=0&adx=14&ady=3019&biw=360&bih=560&scr_x=0&scr_y=54&eid=31060005%2C31060975%2C31060839&oid=3&pvsid=784886745017070&pem=816&eae=0&fc=384&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C360%2C0%2C360%2C560%2C360%2C560&vis=1&rsz=%7C%7Cs%7C&abl=NS&fu=128&bc=31&ifi=5&uci=a!5&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=sPga0uyxck&p=https%3A//

Gupta also asked the chief health officer to make preparations to tackle the third wave of the pandemic and submit a proposal regarding the infrastructural upgrades required at the primary health centres and maternity hospitals.

Universities should focus on research to fight diseases: Dr K Sudhakar

More research should be undertaken in the field of Ayurveda to prevent outbreak of diseases,said Health and Medical Education Minister Dr.K Sudhakar.

Speaking on the occasion of the valedictory ceremony of silver jubilee celebrations of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) on Monday, Sudhakar said,Every medical college should focus more on research work.

Researchers from Oxford University developed a Covid vaccine. Similarly, RGUHS should encourage research to help fight diseases.

Discussion with Governor :

Regarding the appointment of Vice Chancellor the Minister said that the matter would have been discussed with the Hon’ble Governor,but due to Covid it could not be done.

I have written to the hon’ble governor regarding this. Will discuss this issue in personal after getting his appointment said Dr.Sudhakar. the matter is discussed with the Chief Minister and the suggestions given by CM will also be brought to the notice of Hon’ble governor,he added.

Won’t let appointment of any undeserving candidate as VC:

RGUHS is India’s largest and prestigious health sciences university. Our government is very clear that a person with eminence,excellent reputation and track record should be appointed as VC of this university.

Any person leading such an university should have a credibility that is behind doubt.No person with poor track record or allegations can occupy that chair,atleast as long as I am the minister, Dr.Sudhakar said.

Instructions have been passed to conduct random tests at Airports,Railway stations and Bus stands.

People should adhere to the guidelines. Permission is not given for malls,cinema theatres to open.

We will increase the testing as industries are permitted to operate with more number of people, said the Minister.

25 year old RGUHS is the largest Health University in the country with over 2 lakh students.

More than 25 lakh people have recovered from Covid in the state.1.70 crore doses of vaccine have been administered so far.Everyone will be vaccinated by this December end.

We are strengthening the pediatric department in all district hospitals to tackle third wave.1,763 medical officers have been recruited in record time.

Rural area facing shortage of doctors though there is a surge in number of medical students. Because doctors opt for urban area only. More doctors should come forward to serve in rural area.

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar