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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Rage among railway employees due to lack of vaccine

There has been anger among the employees and officials of Dehradun railway station for not being vaccinated. He has also met the District Magistrate to get the railway staff and their families vaccinated. Along with this, the employees have also accused the Railway Administration District Administration of ignoring the railway employees. Ugrasen Singh, secretary of the Northern Railway Men’s Union Dehradun branch, said that railway employees have worked as frontline workers during the Corona period, but it is unfortunate that the government has not included railway employees in the category of frontline workers. This is the reason that till now railway employees have not been able to get the dose of vaccination. He told that during the Corona period, the railway employees have fulfilled their responsibility by playing on their lives. Due to this, thousands of railway employees have also died due to Corona.

Despite this, the government is not thinking about the railway employees and their families. He has accused the railway district administration of ignoring the family members of the employees. He has also met Dehradun District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, requesting to organize a camp for railway employees and their families and get the vaccine. They say that railway employees cannot leave their work while on duty and go to the vaccination center to get the vaccine. For this reason, their families are also deprived of vaccination, due to which the danger remains for both. In such a situation, the administration should organize special camps for railway employees, where they can get the vaccine along with their families.