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Uttarakhand : Transporters’ meeting resulted in mutual discord

The transporters’ meeting convened in protest against the operation of smart city electric bus and e-rickshaw in the city turned out to be a tussle between the City Bus Federation and the Vikram Jankalyan Samiti. Actually, preparations were being made to form a federation comprising City Bus, Auto, Vikram, Tata Magic and Taxi Union, but the matter went the other way. Vikram Union said that the City Bus Federation will not protest when they demand a stage carriage permit. On which the City Bus Federation said that they have always opposed this demand and will continue to do so. On which even before the formation of the federation, there was a split in it. Seeing the increasing confusion, the Vikram Jankalyan Committee withdrew from this meeting. However, in the meeting, City Bus, Auto and Magic Union talked about jointly agitating on the said issue. It was decided that after the end of the Kovid curfew, the government would be made aware of its demands. A warning was also given that if the government did not pay heed to their demands, then all the unions would go on strike. Children of the family, elderly and women will also be included in the strike. In the meeting, Tata Magic Union President Girish Manodikh, Bisht Village Tata Magic Union President Ganesh Babu and General Secretary Manish Kshetri, Doon Auto Rickshaw Union President Pankaj Arora and General Secretary Shekhar Kapil Including other representatives of City Bus Union, Anuj Chandel, Raghuveer Singh Negi, Jitendra Solanki, Upendra Rawat, Anuj Goyal, Manmohan Bisht, Anurag Goyal and Amrit Singh etc. were present.