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Uttarakhand : Swaraj Party left, joined AAP

Aam Aadmi Party’s Uttarakhand state in-charge Dinesh Mohaniya got Swaraj Party’s senior vice president DK Pal and his supporters to join AAP. On this occasion, the state in-charge said that today people are joining the party after seeing the clear policies of the party and the thinking of the party towards the state. Due to which the base of the party is increasing very fast. People are looking at AAP as a new option for the 2022 elections. DK Pal joined AAP for the second time. Earlier they had left you. Now it will be called a drama that the ceremony was also organized to join the party again. DK Pal, who returned to the party, said that he has once again joined the AAP for the development of the state. He said that he had left the party due to some reasons, but he is well acquainted with the policies of the party. With this thinking of development, he has again joined the party. He said that today there are serious problems like unemployment, health, education in Uttarakhand. For their redressal, AAP party is going from house to house and telling people. On this occasion, Jitendra Sindhwal, Harish Thapliyal, Shashank Pal, Khurshid Ahmed, KS Rana, Prem Goud, Sonia, Shamsher Singh, Suraj Bisht, along with DK Pal, Dozens of supporters including Avdesh Pal, Ramesh Mishra, Sachin Nautiyal joined the AAP party.