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Arizona wildfire destroyed 148,299 acres

In the US state of Arizona, 59 percent of wildfires have been controlled, but 148,299 acres of land have been destroyed due to this fire.

The wildfire, called the Telegraph Fire, began in Pinal County on June 10 and is located less than 1 mile from Top-of-the-World, a 250-person community. It has become the sixth largest wildfire in Arizona history.
Inciweb said more than 1,000 workers were engaged in extinguishing the fire.

Pinal County Emergency Management Director Chuck Kemet said at a briefing that the crew was struggling because of the hot, dry weather.
Right now it’s too dangerous, too proactive to send any of our damage assessment people.

Firefighters focused on protecting the world’s top and other communities near the scorched mountain region.
In the afternoon, officials revealed that the fire had merged into the Mescal Fire.

This could be good news for firefighters as the fire continues to grow in the area of the Mescal Fire that has already burned.
With no increase in size in four days, the Mescal Fire incident management team released its last daily update on Monday.

The fire, which preceded the Telegraph Fire, had burned 72,250 acres with 88 percent control.
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has called a special session of the Legislature to consider a proposed $100 million investment in combating and preventing wildfires.

They also issued emergency declarations for the Telegraph Fire and Mescal Fire, which would provide up to $400,000 for response efforts.