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Two wheels of Nauchandi Express derail in Lucknow

The breath of the passengers stuck for two and a half hours, many trains are late

Nauchandi Express coming from Prayagraj to Lucknow got derailed near KKC bridge at 10.10 pm last night. Two wheels of his engine derailed. This caused panic among the passengers. In a hurry, the railway administration reached the spot and both the wheels of the engine were put on the track through a crane. Due to this, the train left for Meerut City after reaching Lucknow railway station at about one and a half hours late. All trains coming from Prayagraj to Meerut City were affected for about two and a half hours.

Charbagh railway station administration was alerted as soon as the derailment was received and the railway team under the leadership of station director Sudeep Singh reached the spot. After this work was done to bring the engine back on track.
Thankfully the speed of the train was low.

Train number 04511 Prayagghat Sangam to Meerut City Nauchandi Express was moving towards Charbagh railway station from Dilkusha at 10.10 hrs on Wednesday. During this the speed of the train was low. On reaching near the KKC bridge, two wheels of the train’s engine derailed. This made a loud noise and there was a jolt in the train. Several passengers sitting in the bogie fell down from their seats. However, the passengers are said to be safe. Some people have suffered minor injuries.
Was there any defect in the track, will be investigated.

How the two wheels of the engine of Nauchandi Express landed will be investigated. The railway administration said that in the investigation it will be seen who is at fault. Was there anything wrong with the track? Is there any conspiracy behind this? Was there any defect in the track? At present, these points will be explored in the investigation of the reason for the derailment.

Sharp jolt and train stopped
After two wheels of the engine of the Nauchandi Express derailed, the train stood at the same place for about two and a half hours. This caused a lot of trouble to the passengers. Ram Pravesh, who left Prayagraj for Lucknow, said that the speed of the train would have been hardly 15 to 20 kms. In this, there was a loud sound near the KKC bridge and there was a loud jolt and the train stopped.
People were horrified by the loud tremors and the sound. Several passengers also suffered minor injuries. When the train did not run for a long time, people got down and wanted to know the reason, then they came to know that two wheels of the engine have come off. People were saying that fortunately the speed of the train was low, otherwise I do not know what would have happened today.

DRM said – investigation will be done
Northern Railway’s DRM Sanjay Tripathi says that the matter of derailment of the train will be investigated. The team of Electronic and Security Branch will investigate this whole matter, how this train derailed.