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Uttar Pradesh / Ayodhya : Village streets filled with water,

Rain opened the pole of cleanliness in the village

Villagers never come to the charge of sanitation workers in the village

Due to the continuous rains in the tehsil area, the cleanliness of the village has been kept open, where on one side the government had entrusted the responsibility of cleaning the sanitation workers to the village heads for cleanliness in view of the infectious disease in the village. Sanitation workers become fuzzy only by cleaning the doors of village heads, the situation is that the cleaning workers themselves bring a helper from two wheeler or four wheeler with them, who in the name of cleaning become fuzzy by doing blasphemy. There is no such village. Where the drain is free from striations and waterlogging. Drains are also running in entire Ganga Pal Tiwari of Gram Panchayat Alipur Khajuri, water is filled on the pavements, the traffic is completely affected. An example of which is Sitaram Purva and Kuchera Bazar of Kuchera Gram Panchayat located off Faizabad Rae Bareli Highway. Drains are lying, due to which the roads are filled with water, the same dirty drains are lying in the whole Sitaram, due to which the dirty water of the drains is filled on the streets of the village. The movement of the villagers is completely affected, due to dirty water, there is a danger of infectious disease, area panchayat member representative Shailendra Sharma said that the sanitation worker is never seen in the village for cleaning the waterlogged drains, whose written complaint is CDO and DPRO. Even after the complaint was made from Faizabad, no arrangement for drainage has been made by the Tehsil administration to the villagers, due to which there is resentment among the villagers and warned that if the administration does not make any arrangement for the dirty drainage and cleaning of the drains, then the villagers Will be obliged to fast, whose responsibility will be of the administration.