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Uttarakhand / Nainital : Lime of 20 thousand to buy camera online

A young man lost an amount of 20 thousand rupees on the purchase of online cameras after seeing advertisements in the internet. The youth has complained to the Mallital police regarding the investigation in the matter. According to the information, Gauri Shankar, a resident of Mallital, has said in the complaint letter that some time ago she saw an advertisement of an online camera while running Facebook. In which the deal was settled for 20 thousand after talking on the given number. Describing himself as a resident of Tallital, the young man was talking about getting a job in Delhi. That’s why he believed. The young man was asked to send the amount online, saying that the camera would be delivered at home itself. On which he transferred 20 thousand rupees in his account twice. Even after two days, when the camera did not reach the house, he called the young man but the number came off. Kotwal Ashok Kumar Singh told that the matter is being sent to the cyber cell.