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Uttarakhand : The protest of the pilgrimage priests regarding the Devasthanam board continued on the ninth day

Uttarkashi :  The protest demonstrations by the agitated Gangotri and Yamunotri shrine priests demanding the dissolution of the Devasthanam Board continued for the ninth day on Saturday. Tirtha priests worshiped Mother Ganga by tying a black band and wished for the good wisdom of the government from Mother Ganga. On the other hand, on the Ganges Dasara festival on Sunday, the pilgrim priests will perform Havan and Yagya for the purification of the government’s intellect and if the demand is not fulfilled even after this, then there will be a fierce movement. The pilgrimage priests of Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham have been protesting continuously against the Devasthanam Board by tying black bands since June 11. On the ninth day on Saturday, the pilgrimage priests of Gangotri Dham protested by offering prayers to the Ganges at Gangotri Dham. On the other hand, the pilgrimage priests of Yamunotri Dham performed fiercely against the government by sitting in the Yamuna temple of Kharsali, the winter stay of Mother Yamuna. On this occasion, the teerth priests said that they would perform a havan yagya on Sunday for the dissolution of the devasthanam board and if no positive action was taken by the government to dissolve the devasthanam board, the pilgrim priests of both the dhams would perform a Havan for the purification of the government. So the strategy of that militant movement will be prepared. On this occasion, Pandit Harish Semwal, Rakesh Semwal, Deepak Semwal, Sanjay Kumar, Mukesh Semwal, Prakash Semwal, Mayank, Sagar, co-secretary Rajesh Semwal, Ramakant and former president of Vyapar Mandal, Satyendra Semwal along with members of Yamunotri temple committee in Yamunotri Dham. Co-secretaries Vipin Uniyal, Chandrakant, Anirudh, Pahlad, Praveen, Sanjeev, Gautam, Sudhir, Kuldeep etc. were present.