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Uttarakhand / Kotdwar : Elephant got stuck on the river bank Kho, Heavy Rain is the reason

Many roads are closed due to continuous torrential rains in the hilly areas.  So the water level of Khoh river has also increased there.  Meanwhile, an elephant who came to drink water in Khoh river on Saturday morning got stuck on the bank of the river due to rising water level of Khoh river.  After about two hours, when the water level decreased, the elephant was able to go towards the forest.  Let us tell that around 10.30 pm, an elephant came out of the forest near Sidhbali Mord adjacent to the highway and came to Khoh river to drink water.  Where the elephant started eating the grass growing on the river bank.  During this, the elephant got stuck on the banks of the river due to the sudden increase in the water level of Khoh river.  A large number of people gathered to see which.  On the other hand, Kotdwar Range Officer Pradeep Uniyal says that there is an elephant corridor near Siddhabali, due to which elephants often come here to drink water.  Along with this, the range officer also appealed to the people to maintain proper distance from the elephant.  Let us tell you that the Aklananda river has started expanding around the Dhari Devi temple of Srinagar.  Due to the rain since morning, the water level of Alaknanda river has increased so much that the pillars of Dhari Devi temple have almost completely submerged in it.  Alaknanda is flowing above the danger mark at Dhari Devi.  The water level of the river here is at 608.09 meters at present.