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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : All weather road built at a cost of crores could not withstand even the first rain: Anju Mishra

Mahila Congress Metropolitan President Anju Mishra has alleged that the roads built by spending crores of rupees could not withstand even the first rain. This has exposed the claims made about the quality of the roads. He also raised the demand for quality check of all the construction works. In a statement issued to the press, Anju Mishra said that the wide publicity of the All Weather Road was done as a big achievement. That all-weather road has been demolished from place to place in one rain. On the other hand, how much substandard material has been installed in Thano Badosi flyover, and on the roads of Haridwar where there have been potholes. This is a living example of corruption in construction works. He said that this working system full of corruption is inviting road accidents. Thousands of crores were spent on the Chardham project and it was washed away in the first rain. If there was traffic going on that road, how innocent could have been killed. But the louse will not yet crawl on the ears of the BJP government. Kumbhakarna slept for six months. The BJP government has been sleeping for seven years. Accusing the government of patronizing corruption, he said that whether it is the Prime Minister’s Care Fund or the construction work of Kumbh, or the case of Char Dham All Vader Project or Thano Road, corruption is being done fiercely in all the projects.