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Delta variant increased concern

The new form of corona virus that is worrying doctors and scientists around the world is the delta variant. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called it a variant of concern, that is, a worrying form of the virus. Although it has registered its presence in many countries, but Britain has come under its grip. According to data from Public Health England (PHE), 61 per cent of the samples being collected there are of the delta variant. This means that there the Delta variant has come in a much stronger position than the Alpha variant that caused the ruckus last year. Keep in mind that a variant is classified as having concern when there is evidence of increased infectious potential and increased need for hospitalization. Its strength on both these fronts makes it dangerous not only for countries like England but also on the level of the whole world. It is also worth noting that the matter is not limited to the Delta variant. It has also got a more refined version which is called Delta Plus. The number of its patients in India is not high yet, despite this, the Health Department of Maharashtra has warned that this delta plus variant may cause the third wave of corona epidemic. Naturally, the government has started an exercise to prepare the health infrastructure for this, but the final test of all such exercise is only after the wave arrives. Only then it is known that to what extent the instructions of the government got on the ground and in fact how much benefit could be passed on to the affected people. But more important than that, it is important to remind ourselves again and again that it is not the government alone to fight and win this war against the virus. This fight can be won only when every citizen participates in it with full awareness, care and dedication. According to experts, it is clear from the observations so far that the vaccine is effective on this variant as well. The slight slowdown in our vaccination campaign may be an additional cause of concern in this context, but due to the latest efforts, it is expected that this campaign will gain momentum soon. In such a situation, the cooperation of the common people can prove to be decisive on two levels. One is that the apathy towards getting the vaccine should be ended as soon as possible and secondly, there should be no negligence in following the corona protocol during the unlock, as was shown after the first wave.