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Meenakshi Sheshadri wants to make a comeback in Bollywood

How can fans forget Bollywood’s most popular and beautiful actress Meenakshi Sheshadri. With her strong acting, Meenakshi used to get rid of sixes even actors. 90s actress Meenakshi, who has done countless films like Hero, Damini, Ghatak, has been away from the screen for a long time. But now she wants to return to the acting world again.

Meenakshi has worked in many superhit films. At the peak of her career, the actress had said goodbye to acting after getting married, along with that she shifted to America. But the actress now wants to meet the fans again.

Meenakshi Sheshadri, who has lived abroad with her family for years, is now ready to work in films again.

According to sources, Meenakshi is now looking for a role that does full justice to her acting. The actress has told that she had no boyfriend.

The actress has told that she was called Ice Maiden. Actually Ice Maiden means beautiful but different woman. The actress has told that she used to be called Ice Maiden. According to the actress, she was shooting for the film Hero in Ooty, when a journalist gave her the title of this name.

According to the actress, this was the first schedule of the first outdoor. It was very cold at that time and I had to shoot for the song of the film. I was sick, feverish and sore throat after sitting under a cold spring to sing. But I never denied the degree I got.
The actress has told that at that time I had told Subhash ji to wait a bit for shooting. But then the press came to cover the shoot. One of the journalists saw me lying with my head on my mother’s lap. At that time I was ill and wanted to be with my mother. In such a situation, it was said that I do not talk to anyone, so she is an ‘ice maiden’. Although this name was used for me, I did not have link-ups, boyfriends or affairs. At the same time, now that the actress has talked about returning to acting, the question in the minds of the fans is whether she will show the same magic again.