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Playing God’s role on TV is not easy : Hitanshu Jinsi

Playing the role of God on TV is a very responsible job. The viewers who are watching the show get attached to these characters with their faith. They hope that the actors playing the character of their favorite god in the show should follow the norms with a pure conscience in their lives as well. Actor Hitanshu Jinsi has been a part of many mythological shows and family dramas on Hindi television. Currently Hitanshu is playing the role of Lord Jagannath in Sony TV’s show ‘Vighnaharta Ganesh’. Hitanshu believes that playing such mythological characters is a big responsibility, but he enjoys working in both genres. He believes that playing the role of God is not easy.

Hitanshu says, I have done mythological shows as well as daily soaps. I think both have their own charm. I would say that from a mythological show to a saas-bahu drama, I have always enjoyed every change. As an actor, we need to play different types of roles instead of getting stuck in one subject. That’s why I always do a social show after a period drama or a mythological serial. In the daily soap, you play a character who is inspired by a real person or has the qualities of a real person.

But when it comes to playing such divine characters in mythological shows, we as actors have to be very careful and play it with full responsibility so that nobody’s sentiments get hurt. Every actor has to follow an internal process to play any character. The biggest thing in this is that you have to think like God, for which there is no reference available as to how He will react in a particular situation.

I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to play this role. The kind of love I am getting from the audience is amazing. You need to be very sensitive while playing such a character. It’s so funny that you play such a revered character in one show and a romantic role of a neighborhood boy in another show. So was this change challenging for him? Hitanshu says, it is not easy to play roles of different genres, but I find it very fun to swap between two genres. In the end, what matters is that the audience accepts the actor who is playing such different roles.

In the past, Hitanshu played the role of Vishnu in ‘Mahakali: The end is the beginning’. Hitanshu says, being a Krishna devotee, I consider myself lucky that I got a chance to play the role of Lord Krishna a decade ago. And now I am playing the role of Lord Jagannath in Vighnaharta Ganesh. I really feel blessed that I got to be a part of such mythological shows which have such thoughtful messages which bring me closer to my cultural roots. I feel that all the gods and goddesses are showering their love and blessings on me, otherwise I would not have been playing this role.