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Tokyo Olympic organizers limit spectators for each venue to 10,000

The number of spectators for each venue of the 2020 Olympic Games, starting July 23 in Tokyo, Japan, has been limited to 10,000. The organizers of the Games announced this on Monday. The announcement was made after a meeting between the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the IPC (International Paralympic Committee), the Tokyo Olympic 2020 Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan. Organizers said in a statement, “The number of spectators for the Olympic Games will be fixed at 50 percent of the venue capacity, while the maximum number of spectators at all venues will be 10 thousand, however in case of any emergency or other anti-infection measures provisions. The number can be further reduced after July 12 on Aadhaar.
It is noteworthy that several months ago, the entry of visitors from abroad to Japan has been banned in the venue.

The organizers have also said in the statement that masks should be worn at all times at the venues. While loud speaking or shouting will be prohibited, overcrowding should be avoided through proper announcements and visitors should leave the places in an orderly manner. According to the organisers, the visitors will be requested to reach the places directly and return home directly and take all necessary precautions while traveling between provinces.

It is noteworthy that this morning Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said in a statement that he would not rule out holding the Games without spectators if the capital was declared a state of emergency due to the Corona epidemic.