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I have a good body, so why don’t I post my glamorous pictures: Soundarya Sharma

Actress Soundarya Sharma made her debut in the film industry in 2017 with Anupam Kher’s film Ranchi Diaries. Soundarya may have had a slow start, but now she is gaining momentum with MX Player’s web series Raktanchal 2, which is going to be completed soon. In a recent interview, she said that the time has come to take her seriously as an actress.

It cannot be denied that Soundarya Sharma has been imprisoned in a kind of glamorous image, which she has not been able to remove yet. But with Raktanchal 2 he hopes to get out of this image. She says yes, I want to be taken seriously as an actress. But I have a good body so tell me, why don’t I put my glamorous pictures?

Soundarya has been to America to do acting course, about which she tells that I realized that I can do acting. You are either an actor or a non-actor in this industry. You can’t be in the middle. So I decided to hone my skills and I am back now.

She believes that the OTT platform has changed a lot. She says that if you are passionate about acting and consider it as an art, then you can do different types of characters in web shows. According to Soundarya, she has been signed for a very soulful role in another web series, the official announcement of which is going to happen soon. She says that I don’t mind any role in the work, provided it has essence.