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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Demanded to install one thousand street lights

Mayor representatives Sangam Sharma and Sumit Bhatia submitted a memorandum to the Mayor regarding the demand for implementation of street lighting in the new wards included in the Municipal Corporation. In the memorandum, there was a demand to install one thousand lights in the new 59 and 54 wards of Jagjitpur area. Mayor representatives Sangam Sharma and Sumit Bhatia apprised Mayor Anita Sharma that the street lighting system is not smooth in the new wards. People have to face great inconveniences at night. There is no street light even on the main roads. There have been many vehicle accidents too. Incidents of snakes, scorpions coming out are also happening in many wards of Jagjitpur. Anti-social elements also gather in the wards. There is a possibility that the incidents of robbery can happen in the dark at any time. Street lights should be installed. Keeping in view the public interest, 1000 street lights should be installed in the new wards of Jagjitpur. In addition, regular cleaning work should also be done. Rani Devi and Meena Devi said that in some wards of Jagjitpur, due to lack of street lighting, women face inconvenience in going out. There is also a gathering of anti-social elements. Sometimes incidents of molestation of women also happen due to darkness. Due to the demand of the residents of the ward, one thousand streets should be set up. So that problems can be solved. Those who submitted the memorandum included Shyamlal, Shashi Bhushan, Deepak Chauhan, Sachin Goyal, Vikas Chauhan, Lalit Taneja, Rani Devi, Meena Devi etc.