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Uttarakhand / Rishikesh : Mayor raised parking demand in front of Urban Development Minister

Mayor Anita Mamgain has raised the issue of vehicle parking in Rishikesh prominently. He has raised the demand of making multi-storey parking in the area with Urban Development Minister Banshidhar Bhagat. Rishikesh Mayor Anita Mamgain met Urban Development Minister Banshidhar Bhagat in Dehradun on Wednesday. He said that Rishikesh is a city of yoga and a city of tourism. But due to the problem of traffic jam in the area, residents and tourists have to face problems. The main reason for the jam is the lack of parking spaces in the area. There is a traffic jam on the roads due to parking of vehicles. He informed Minister Banshidhar Bhagat about various projects of Municipal Corporation Rishikesh. He said that due to lack of parking facility in Rishikesh, tourists instead of stopping in the city travel directly to Shivpuri area for river rafting including Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula. Because of this, the businessmen of the city are not able to get the benefit of tourists. Said that if multi-storey parking is constructed over Chandrabhaga bridge, then it will get rid of the traffic jams in the city markets as well as promote pilgrimage and tourism. It will also benefit the traders of the city. Urban Development Minister has assured them of positive action.