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Himachal Pradesh / Solan : It didn’t rain and the dirty water was already left in the drain

Baddi : There are some industries in Baddi-Barotiwala which take full advantage of the rains. As soon as a little rain starts, the industries release their dirty toxic water into the drains. One such case came to the fore on Thursday, as soon as the rainy season became a strong wind and it seemed that there would be heavy rain today. But not a single drop of rain read.

But Uddogo gave up his dirty water and Uddogo’s water came in the drain so much that people were watching him standing on the bridge. The scene was only for a short while. Found in Malpur drain. This drain further joins the Sarsa river. Due to which the Sarsa river gets polluted. Whereas the Central and State Governments have set up a Common Equipment Treatment Plant here at Kenduwal at a cost of crores. In which the water of Uddogo goes to be treated, only after being treated, they leave it like clean water in the river.

It is interesting that only a few industries here are associated with this plant. The issue of dirty water coming into the river drains is not new. But due to the dirty water coming in these river drains, question marks are raised on the said plant. Whereas the reality is something else. By the way, the pollution control department works diligently. But still some industrialists throw dust in their eyes. Many problems arise due to dirty water coming into the river drains.

Along with the villagers, the life of the people living here becomes difficult. This issue has come up many times. Even in the Jan Manch, the issue of releasing dirty water in the river drains got louder but the problem remained the same. When the officer of Baddi department was talked to about this, he said that as soon as the complaint is received by the department, immediate action is taken.