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Uttar Pradesh : Children are not necessarily affected in the third wave: Dr. Garg

Children are the keynote speaker in the priceless campaign

The speed of vaccination in the state is double and triple that of many states. The fear that is prevailing among the people about the vaccine in rural areas or some elements are confusing them have been identified. The top officers of the districts are interacting with them and getting them vaccinated among everyone in their village and town, due to which those people of the society who were confused have started getting them vaccinated. The government is vaccinating everyone with mutual goodwill. It is not proper to run this campaign under any force or pressure. Distinguished speaker and IAS officer Kumar Harsh said these things on Thursday at Saraswati Kunj, Niralanagar, Prof. Rajendra Singh Rajju Bhaiya is somewhere in the program of children are anmol campaign organized in Digital Information Communication Center. Vidya Bharti’s teachers, children and their parents were connected online in this program, whose curiosities were also resolved. He said that from the second wave of Corona, the government started preparing to deal with the third wave. Piku beds are also being arranged in each district. Medicines are also being distributed for children, which will work to increase immunity. He said that now there will be no problem regarding oxygen, as production has been increased and monitoring system has been strengthened. He appealed to influential leaders, religious leaders and social workers to make the people of the society aware of vaccination. Keynote speaker Dr. RK Garg, Head of Department of Neurology, KGMU said that the country has dealt with two waves of corona virus and children are predicted to be affected more in the third wave, although it is not necessary that children will be affected more. He said that in the last two waves, most of the people of the country have either been infected or have been vaccinated, now immunity has also been formed in them. So now the situation is different. Despite this, we have to make preparations. He advised the parents that if any symptoms are seen in the children, then do not ignore them and get them checked. The program was conducted by Saurabh Mishra, Head of Publicity, Vidya Bharti Eastern Uttar Pradesh.