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Uttar Pradesh / Malihabad : Traders respected policemen

In the honor ceremony of the police team, outpost in-charge Rahimabad Ravindra Kumar Singh said that the success of the police is dependent on the cooperation of the general public. The work of the police is completely impossible without cooperation. As you all know, the police have played an important role in this corona epidemic. The police have fully followed the guidelines of the government in this epidemic and made the public aware. Seeing the hard work of the police, the traders of Malihabad including Raju Gupta, Ashok Arkavanshi, Rajesh Kumar, Parshuram Gupta, Siraj Hussain, Guddu, Hari Krishna Gupta, Ashok Rawat, Shiv Mohan Sharma, Deepraj Gupta, of the business circle visited the Malihabad Kotwali area on Thursday. Outpost Rahimabad in-charge Ravindra Kumar Singh, SI Rajmani Pal, constable Deepak Chaudhary, Bhojdutt, Rohitash, Anoop Maurya, Rohit, Mohit, including all the police stations were honored by garlanding them. Deepraj Gupta, executive member of Vyapar Mandal, said that every police officer is a member of the family of the general public. Police is always trying hard for the safety of the public. But the success of police work depends only on the cooperation of the public. The hard work of Rahimabad Police in this pandemic is really commendable.