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Uttarakhand / Deheadun : Village heads demonstrated by locking the block office

The village head organization protested by locking the Vikasnagar block office on three-point demands. The village heads accused the government of neglecting the heads and said that the government wants to silence the heads by intimidating them. But the principal organization will not come under the pressure of the government and will continue the agitation against the anti-people policies of the government till the demands are not met. Under the leadership of Imran Khan, President of Pachhadoon Village Head Organization, the village heads of the development block, Vikasnagar, also locked down the development block office on Wednesday due to their three-point demands. In the entire state, village heads are locking down all the block headquarters on the demands of reduction in state finances, increase in honorarium, implementation of Panchayat Raj Act etc. Imran Khan, president of Pachhadun Village Pradhan Sangathan, said that instead of fulfilling the demands of the village heads, the state government is working to intimidate the village heads, but the village head is firm on his decision. Imran Khan said that the Panchayati Raj Act has been passed in the state. But the state government is violating the rights of panchayats by not implementing the Panchayati Raj Act. Village head Khan said that on one hand the government talks about strengthening the panchayats and on the other hand, by not implementing the Panchayati Raj Act, it is depriving the panchayats of their rights. Said that this time the village head has come into the movement for the fight across. He said that the agitation would continue till the government fulfills the demands of the princes. Block President Pankaj Aggarwal said that if the state government does not fulfill our demands, then the village head will not back down from resigning again. On this occasion, state minister village head Subodh Goyal Feroze Khan, Bala Chauhan, Bharti Devi, Malika Devi, Narendra Singh, Deepika, Femida, Vikas Patel, Karam Chand, Pradeep Kumar, Lalita, Abida, Vimala Devi etc. were present.