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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Protesting teachers in madrassa due to termination of service

Teachers of Jami-ul-Uloom Madrasa Dhaki of Sahaspur block staged a sit-in in the madrasa on Thursday, accusing the madrasa’s arrangement committee of exploitation. The teachers allege that they have not been paid salaries since March last year. Whereas in the current academic session, he was given salary only for the months of March and April. Now the committee has given notice of termination of service to about thirty teachers simultaneously. The teachers told that all are serving as teachers in the madrassa for about twenty years. Apart from educating the minorities of minority community on low honorarium, awareness campaigns are also being conducted on many social issues in the service township. Since the implementation of the lockdown due to corona infection last year, he has not been paid any salary by the Madarsa’s Arrangiya Committee. The teachers never put pressure on the committee for salary. In this academic session also, only two months’ salary has been given. Now in view of the possibility of opening of educational institutions from the month of July, when the teachers reached the madrassa to rectify the arrangements, they were given notice to terminate the service by the committee. Along with this, the notice board has also been pasted on the committee madrasa notice board about the termination of the services of teachers. Told that the services of thirty teachers have been terminated without prior notice. Due to which the problem of employment has arisen in front of them. The arrears salary is also not being given to them by the committee. The teachers told that after the termination of their service, a question mark has also been put on the future of about eight hundred young students studying in the madrasa. Maulana Mohd Abbas, Anees Ahmed, Anjar Ali, Qari Gulsher, Rehman, Mashook etc. were among those who staged the dharna.

Due to the closure of the madrasa during the lockdown, there has been no income, due to which the teachers have been told that they will not be given any salary. After the opening of the madrassa, the process of appointing all the teachers will be started again. -Asghar Ali, President Madrasa Arrangement Committee