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Uttarakhand / Haridwar :

The Peeth Bazar traders of Ranipur area met the State President of the State Trade Board, Sanjeev Choudhary, apprising him of the problems and demanded that the Peeth market be set up. While addressing the bench market traders, State President Sanjeev Choudhary said that if the bench market does not open soon, then the business board will agitate. No trader will be allowed to be harassed. Chaudhary demanded from the government that permission has been given to open all the markets. Liquor shops are also opening. In such a situation, understanding the problem of the traders of the back market, permission should also be given to set up a back market. Chowdhary said that all sections of the society are facing huge problems due to the COVID curfew. Small traders, who maintain their families by setting up shop in the weekly back market, are facing a lot of problems due to lack of market. In such a situation, the government should help the traders financially with the permission to set up a back market. If the government does not take care of small traders, then BJP will have to face the consequences in the elections. During this, business leaders Pushpendra Gupta, Aamir Ahmed, Shakti Master, Ajay, Sanjeev Kumar, Arvind, Vijay, Suresh Makhija, Vipin Rana and Mithilesh Verma were present.