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Uttar Pradesh : Tickets were confirmed through fake letter pads of MPs, railway officials surprised at the revelations of the accused

Two fraudsters have been arrested for confirming the waiting seats from the Railway Emergency Quota on the fake letter pad of the MP. Fake letter pads of 13 leaders have been recovered from them. The matter is of Northern Railway Lucknow Division.

On June 17, in the Pushpak train from Lucknow to Mumbai, an emergency quota was imposed on the letter pad of MP (Rajya Sabha) NCP Maharashtra Deviprasad Tripathi to confirm the ticket in the sleeper of Pushpak Express. The letter pad was put in the drop box installed in the DRM office.

When the railway officials checked the letter pad, the mobile number written on it was contacted. But got no reply. After this, the investigation team contacted the passengers in the train, where in the conversation it came to light that IRCTC agent Syed Salim Hussain, resident of Thakurganj, has been booked.
He was caught by the RPF team. 51 tickets and Rs 32,800 have been recovered from him. Senior DO Ajit Kumar Sinha and Senior Divisional Security Commissioner Abhishek Kumar, who are investigating the matter, registered a case under Acts 143 and 143B of the Railway Act.

On the other hand, 13 letterpads were recovered from the caught fraudster Pankaj Singh Kushwaha, which were in the name of five different leaders. The vicious told that all the letter pads used to confirm the tickets are fake. Letterpad Upper used to get the details of passengers filled by his daughter. Vacant applications for vacant VIP quota have also been found.

Fake letter pad is old business

In fact, fraudsters have always kept an eye on the emergency quota of the railways. Even before this, the case of fake letter head has been caught, which has been investigated by the team till CBE. Whereas before the lock down, retired officer of North Eastern Railway, MP Singh had also caught the case of applying quota on fake letter pads of MPs of Bihar during checking. The RPF team had gone to Bihar to investigate the matter.