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President reached Kanpur, Governor and Chief Minister welcomed

President Ram Nath Kovind reached Kanpur on a three-day stay by presidential train from Delhi’s Safdarganj station. During this, President Kovind was welcomed by Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. His wife Savita Kovind is also present along with the President in this visit. From here he has reached the circuit house and will take rest in the night. Earlier, addressing the program in Jhinjhak, Kovind said that these distances are only due to protocol. I am very close to you guys at heart. The only difference is that I am at the forefront of this line, hence I am the first citizen of the country.
The President said that I remember the streets and stations of Jhinjhak. Used to wait for the train here for hours. When I used to go from Paraunkh via Khanpur, I still remember that there was a sweet shop in Jhinjhak. Remembering his friends, he said that he was my friend. One Baburam Vajpayee ji whose house is behind here. Ram Vilas Tripathi of second Rasulabad. Like these two, many of our own people got separated from us. At the same time, some left us due to this invisible disease of Corona. I pay homage to all such people.

The President said in his address that I was thinking of coming to my land from 2019, now I have come. I cannot describe in a few words the joy of being among my loved ones. I am able to feel the joy of being here with friends and family.

Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager, Northern Railway on the running of the Presidential train after a long gap said that it is a matter of pride for us that the President is traveling by train after a gap of 15 years. His journey is from Delhi to Lucknow via Kanpur. Today this train will go to Kanpur, after that after two days of Kanpur stay, this train will go to Lucknow.