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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Plantation is very important to maintain natural balance: Mahant Nirmal Das


Under the aegis of Mahant Nirmal Das Maharaj, President of Shri Vishnu Dham Ashram, the saints planted saplings at Swami Narayan Ghat, Bhupatwala. Neem, Jamun, Peepal and Mango trees were planted during the plantation. During this, Mahant Nirmal Das Maharaj said that tree plantation is very important to maintain the natural balance. Everyone should come forward for the protection and promotion of trees and plants. At present, due to the increasing population, the number of trees and plants is continuously decreasing due to deforestation and pollution is increasing continuously. Trees provide us with oxygen and the basis of human life is only because of oxygen, life on earth is possible. Therefore, every person must plant trees in his lifetime. Many people have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen during the Corona period. Taking a lesson from this, the entire human race should provide its cooperation in the conservation and promotion of nature. Swami Anand Swaroop Das Maharaj said that plantation is very important for a clean and safe environment. In the interest of human and society, it is the moral responsibility of all of us to be aware of the environment and protect it. While the environment is purified by trees, plants are also helpful in the economic progress of human beings. Nature and man complement each other. Life cannot be imagined without natural protection. Swami Ravi Dev Shastri Maharaj, General Secretary of Yuva Bharat Sadhu Samaj said that human life is completely dependent on nature. Nature has been our companion since time immemorial. We get almost everything we need from nature. Therefore, there is a need for everyone to be aware and plant more and more trees by showing their love and affection towards nature. So that in future mankind can get more life air and natural balance is maintained. Swami Girishanand Maharaj said that over exploitation of nature invites disasters. At present, many incidents are happening due to the exploitation of nature beyond the limit. But man is unable to understand. The government should make people aware for environmental protection and promotion of nature on a large scale. At the same time, awareness should be created among the people through programs by social organizations on a large scale, only then conservation of nature is possible. Sagar Swami, Swami Hariharanand, Mahant Dinesh Das, Councilor Yogesh Bhagat, Mahant Shivanand, Mahant Surajdas, Mahant Sumit Das etc. saints were present on this occasion.