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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Unrestrained allegations against journalists will not be tolerated: Sidhu

Expressing displeasure over the unrestrained remarks made by BJP leader Sachin Beniwal on journalist and journalism on social media in the past, the district unit of the Nationalist Union of Journalists (NUJ Uttarakhand), the main body of media personnel of Uttarakhand, asked him to expose the name of the journalist. has demanded. The union’s district president Vikram Singh Sidhu has said that Beniwal, who has accused the journalist of selling journalism without any concrete evidence, should either come before the journalists with evidence. Otherwise he should apologize to the journalists for defaming journalism by posting unrestrained posts on social media. Sidhu said that if Beniwal had any kind of complaint, he should have been placed before the concerned journalist bodies and police for action along with the evidence. But the way they are attacking journalism through social media and other means. It is highly offensive and condemnable. For this he should publicly apologize to the journalists. Unrestrained allegations will not be tolerated against journalists who make important contributions to the development of the country and solve public problems.