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Uttarakhand / Tehri : Demonstrated the demand to withdraw agricultural laws

On the call of United Kisan Morcha, Save Agriculture, Save Lok Tantra, the District Council Tehri of All India Kisan Sabha demonstrated, raising the demand to withdraw the black agricultural laws. While demonstrating, the speakers said that today on 26th June, on completion of seven months of struggle, the country is facing the twin challenge of saving agriculture and democracy. The farmers said that when the country became independent. Then we used to feed 33 crore countrymen. Today 140 crore people provide food. During the Corona epidemic, when the rest of the country’s economy came to a standstill. Still produced the record regardless of his life. Food stocks were not allowed to become empty. But in return, the Modi government of the country has brought three such black laws which will destroy our breeds and crops. Who will snatch the agriculture from our hands and hand it over to the companies. All three farming laws are unconstitutional because the central government does not have the right to make laws regarding agricultural markets. This law is also undemocratic. The speakers said that the farmers are not asking for donations from the government. Asking for the right price for your hard work. Due to the loot of the farmer in the price of the crop, farming has become a loss-making deal. The second major demand of the farmers is that the farmers should get a guarantee for the purchase of their entire crop at the minimum support price according to the Swaminathan Commission formula. For seven months, the central government has flouted every dignity of democracy to break the farmers’ movement. Speakers said that the Central Government should immediately accept the just demands of the farmers, repeal all the three anti-farmer laws and ensure legal guarantee of purchase at SSP. In the demonstration, District Secretary of Kisan Sabha Bhagwan Singh Rana, Jagmohan Rangad, Krishna Kathait, Arun Kathait, Vikram Kathait, Jasoda Sajwan, Arun Rana, Jayendra Chauhan and CITU District President Bishal Singh Rana, Shripal Chauhan, Arjun Rawat, Convenor of Democratic Women’s Committee Dila Rana etc.