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DMRC wins Japanese Award for Outstanding Civil Engineering

Delhi Metro’s Phase I, II and III projects have been awarded the prestigious Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award for the year 2020. DMRC said in a statement on Sunday, JSCE termed the project of Delhi Metro as a high quality infrastructure development project.

JSCE in its award note mentioned that the projects of Delhi Metro have brought awareness about safety and efficiency at construction sites in India and provide safe and comfortable transport facility to the residents.

The award is given for showcasing highly selected projects in the development of civil engineering technology around the world.

Delhi Metro’s civil engineering achievements over the past two decades have received global recognition and appreciated by leading international organizations.
Earlier, a post-evaluation study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) rated the Phase-I implementation of the Delhi Metro as excellent. The study rated the project execution capability of the Delhi Metro at 3, the highest possible grade. This shows that the performance of DMRC was excellent.

Delhi Metro has been closely associated with Japan since its inception.

GICA has supported all phases of Delhi Metro and DMRC with excellent value added activities like knowledge support by not only providing the easiest financial support but also by introducing Japanese innovative technologies and safety and innovation mindset, unique work culture, technical support and capability. Construction supported.

The continuous support from Japan, JICA including India Office has helped Delhi Metro to become a shining example globally in the field of urban mass transport.