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Uttarakhand / Pauri : Corona investigation scam: Congress raised the demand for a high level inquiry

The District Congress Committee in Pauri burnt an effigy while protesting against the state government, demanding a high-level inquiry into the scam in the Corona Testing scam in Haridwar Mahakumbh. The Congressmen said that an attempt has been made to awaken the state government through the demonstration.

While demonstrating in Pauri on Sunday, District President Kameshwar Rana said that the BJP government of the state had not failed to find opportunities even in an epidemic like Corona. Said that this scam has happened with the connivance of the government. District General Secretary Veer Pratap Singh Arya, District Vice President Vinod Danoshi, City President Vinod Bisht, Kot Block Incharge Virendra Rawat, Former City President Rekha Bhandari, Seva Dal City President Yudhveer Singh Rawat, State Secretary Service Dal Upendra Rawat, Khirsu Block Incharge Kailash Bisht, Suman Negi, Vijay Negi, former women district president Kamala Rawat, Akash Negi, Ankit Negi, Yogendra, Shrikant, former candidate Naval Kishore, former district panchayat member Tameshwar Arya, Jagmohan Singh Rauthan, Bhag Chandra Arya, Pramod Mandrwal, Bharat Singh , Satish, Sanjay etc.