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2 drones again seen at military station in Jammu, security forces fired 25 rounds

The terrorists have once again tried to target the military base through drones. The very next day after the drone attack on the Air Force station in Jammu, the terrorists also tried to attack the military station. According to the information received, two drones were seen at Kaluchak Military Station here at 3 am. However, the army was on alert and as soon as the drone was sighted, the army fired 20 to 25 rounds at them.

According to the report, this drone has been seen near Kaluchak Military Station, after which the security personnel have started searching for this drone. After seeing the drone, army personnel fired at it so that it could be disabled. Intensive search operation is being conducted at Kaluchak and adjoining military station. The important thing is that this military station is close to the army airport. Therefore, the way terrorists are using drones has increased the concern of the security personnel.

Earlier, there was a blast at the Air Force Station in Jammu. This is the first time that explosives have been transported through drones in the country. The terrorists dropped explosives in the High Security Technical Area of ​​the airport through drones, after which there were two explosions in the airport on Sunday, leaving a hole on the roof of the building, while the second explosion took place in the open area. The Jammu and Kashmir Police and the National Investigation Agency are investigating this terrorist attack.