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Uttarakhand / Bageshwar : Congress workers burnt the effigy of MLA Das

Congress workers and the people of the area have raised strong objections to the construction of a bridge in Garud Ganga and not the construction of the road. The MLA has been held responsible for this. Angry workers burnt the effigy of MLA Chandan Ram Das. They have warned of agitation if the demand is not met soon. On Monday, the workers gathered in Garuda under the leadership of State General Secretary Balkrishna. In the meeting held here, the speakers said that the road and bridge on the Garud Ganga river on Devnai, Bantoli Baya Kausarni motorway has not been built till date. This road was dug up seven years ago. Since then till today it has not been taken care of. Five and a half km of road was approved in the tender, but the road was cut in half and stopped. Ten villages were to be connected by this road. Due to lack of bridge, people are facing lot of trouble in commuting. Regional MLAs are also not showing any interest in road construction. He held the MLA responsible for this. The workers burnt his effigy. He warned that he would not sit silent till the demand was met. Bahadur Singh Bisht, Mahesh Pant, Ganesh Kumar, Gaurav Pathak, Jagdish Pandey, Ramesh Chandra, Shivram, Dharmagiri were here.