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Uttarakhand / Rishikesh : Three accused arrested in mobile theft

Rishikesh and Raiwala police have arrested three accused in the mobile theft case. Mobiles have also been recovered from their possession. The arrested accused were presented in the court by the police, from where they have been sent to jail. According to the Kotwali police, Abdul Rehman son Liaquat Ali, a resident of Shantinagar, told the police that the thieves stole mobile and purse from his room on Monday night. After this the police registered a case and started investigation. The suspect was identified with the help of CCTV cameras. He was arrested from Shantinagar. During interrogation, the accused identified himself as Vijay’s son Karan Singh resident of Shantinagar, Rishikesh. Kotwal Shishupal Singh Negi told that the accused youth is addicted to drugs. Stolen to fulfill hobbies. On the other hand, Raiwala police have also arrested two accused by revealing the theft of mobile. SHO Amarjeet Singh Rawat told that Deepak resident Khandgaon had told the police in the Tahrir that his mobile had been stolen. After registering the case, the police started investigation. The footage of CCTV cameras around the spot was checked. The suspects were also questioned. The suspects appeared in the CCTV footage. After this, after identifying them, on the information of the informer, on Wednesday, the police arrested the accused from near Khandgaon. The SHO said that mobile phones and bikes have been recovered from the accused. The accused were identified as Sovinder Singh son Kamal Singh resident of Ganga Par, Bairagi Camp, near Ghoda Police Line Haridwar, Vicky alias Rahul son Suresh resident of Dhobighat, Jhuggi Jhopri Bairagi Camp. Told that the accused were produced in the court, from where they have been sent to jail.