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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Memorandum submitted to AE to overcome the shortage of water

Local residents submitted a memorandum to AE Nisha Gautam at the Jal Sansthan’s office located at Rajendranagar Chakrata Road, regarding the shortage of water for the past one week in areas like Vijay Park, Vijay Park Extension, Rajiv Colony etc. In a memorandum given to AE Nisha Gautam under the leadership of BJP State Minister Aditya Chauhan, the local people said that there has been a sudden reduction in pressure since last one week. The watering time has also reduced. People who do not have underground water tank, there is a lot of problem. Due to lack of pressure on the water tanks kept in the roofs, the water does not rise. By the time people make some arrangements, the water goes away. Because of this people have to get water tankers regularly. Due to which additional financial burden is increasing on them. Due to non-availability of water, the area is very sad and they have demanded for distribution of drinking water by making a special action plan for the respective areas. Aditya Chauhan said that the population in the area has increased a lot. The old line and the old tube well are not able to bear the burden of the additional population. Earlier there was no problem of water here. That’s why people never needed an underground water tank, but now it has become a daily demand. AE Nisha Gautam has assured to solve the problems of the people. He said that the drinking water lines including tube well valves are being checked.