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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Thana Police held meeting with CLG members

The police station held a meeting with the CLG members on Thursday. In this, along with the problem of parking, traffic related problems of the area, to establish harmony between the public and the police was discussed. On Thursday morning, the meeting of Civil Liaisoning Group members held in the police station premises was inaugurated by the station head, Satyendra Bhati. Welcoming the group members, he stressed on establishing harmony between the police and the public. Said that the group has been formed with the purpose that the police should continue to get the cooperation of the public. Also, in many cases the police could easily take the help of the public. He also asked the group members to keep an eye on those doing drug business in the area. Said that the work group members can do by staying in the society, that work is difficult for the police personnel. He also discussed the problem of traffic and parking in the area with the group members, and assured to make all possible efforts to solve the traffic problem. Business Board Vice President Anil Chandna, Secretary Amit Arora, Pradhan Madan Lal, Rajendra Chauhan, Keshar Verma, Meher Singh, Jayendra Sati, Sudhir Kumar, Sunny Chand etc. were present in the meeting.